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The company "Globus - 2000" Ltd. was founded in 1991. The main subject of activity of the company is hotel, construction and trade.
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Our main activity is construction, as we have built sites in general Bulgaria.

Real Estate

Comprehensive and high quality service of clients in the field of real estate.

Property management

The company is closely specialized in property management, administration and maintenance.


The company owns two hotels, offering excellent service and a cozy atmosphere.

Some of the most important accents in the history of Globus 2000:


Построен е и отваря врати ресторант” Глобус” в гр.Пловдив. За кратко време успява да се наложи с изключително качество и умерени цени.


A chain of 11 fast food establishments is being developed at the Higher Education Institutions in Plovdiv and Smolyan. Two new restaurants have been opened, which the company manages in Plovdiv and Smolyan.


The Kokiche dormitory in the Sunny Beach shopping center has been purchased. A major renovation of the site has been carried out, which begins to function as a dormitory all year round. A restaurant "Kokiche" is being built next to the complex - a trademark for quality in Sunny Beach to this day.


In partnership with the tour operator company "ALMA HOLIDAYS" the purpose of the hostel "Kokiche" in a 2-star hotel has been changed. A large-scale reconstruction of the base has been carried out until the necessary level for categorization is reached. The capacity of the hotel has been increased to 250 beds. The existing restaurant has been expanded and reconstructed. There is an outdoor pool with a cocktail bar. The complex began to function as a two-star hotel and to receive foreign and Bulgarian tourists.


A new hotel body has been built at the Kokiche Hotel, with which the capacity of the hotel reaches 400 beds. The restaurant part is expanded with the 2nd floor, is under construction and brand new kitchen unit. Gradual replacement of the hotel furniture begins. It is separate together with the newly built by "Alma Holidays" hotel "Jasmine" complete complex "Sunny Garden", which is gaining great popularity in foreign markets. We welcome tourists from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Denmark, and many other nationalities. The complex is in great demand on the Bulgarian market.


Another expansion of the Kokiche Hotel was made, reaching a bed capacity of 260 rooms and 6 suites (about 540 beds). A bar-terrace, an internet club, games rooms, as well as a new indoor part of the hotel restaurant have been built.


The construction of a city hotel with 25 rooms, as well as a new shopping complex has started at the luxuriously renovated Globus restaurant in Plovdiv.


In the resort. Sunny Beach is a residential building for seasonal use with 21 apartments and studios, which was sold in the period 2007-2008 in full.


The company continues its development in the field of restaurant business and opens a luxury restaurant in the center of Sofia - Globus district with a capacity of 120 seats, and lived on it. 3-storey building with luxury apartments.


A new wing has been built to the Globus Hotel - Plovdiv with a capacity of -12 double rooms / 24 beds /.


A hotel in the town of Sveti Vlas was purchased, which was again converted into a residential building with 31 apartments and studios for seasonal use.

“The large number of retail outlets of the most diverse character that we manage over the years of our own existence contributes to the accumulation of huge experience at all personnel levels in the company.”

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